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This is Akshat. I am technologist based out of India. I am also the Author of few technical books mentioned below. I have extensive experience of Mobile, DevOps & Web development and have delivered many enterprises and consumer applications over the years.

Alongside writing code & building software, I frequently speak at conferences and meetups on various technologies. I have given talks at ReactNative EU 2018, TheDevTheory India 2018, [email protected] Amsterdam 2017, RubyConfIndia Pune 2015, #inspect Conference brussels 2014, was KeyNote speaker at technology leadership events in Bangkok & Kualalumpur.

Besides technology I like spending time with my family, reading amazing books and obsessive about healthy eating (you can find my Interview Here).

Have an idea to discuss or need help/guidance for your next app or just want to say Hi contact me here.

Publications (6)

React Native for Mobile Development Akshat Paul React Native for Mobile Development Second edition of the first book to teach React Native for iOS development - fully updated to include ES7 (ECMAScript 7), the latest version of React Native (including Redux), and development on Android. Example-driven approach - learn by doing without any need to type or copy/paste - the (regularly updated) accompanying source code repo is available on GitHub
Publisher : Apress
Release Date : June 2019
Role: Author
Buy : Apress Store (pre-book)

Practical React Native Practical React Native Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native.the book will give you “solid foundation of practical knowledge”, which is later used to build full projects and sliding puzzle game. You will learn not only Expo, React Navigation, and Redux, but also server-side technologies such as Node.JS and Socket.io.
Publisher : Apress
Release Date : Feb 2019
Role: Technical Reviewer
Buy : Apress Store
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Microservices in Action This is a practical book about building and deploying microservice-based applications. Written for developers and architects having solid grasp of service-oriented development. You'll begin with an in-depth overview of microservice design principles, building on your knowledge of traditional systems. Then, you'll start creating a reliable road to production.
Publisher : Manning Publications
Release Date : Oct 2018
Role: Technical Reviewer
Buy : Manning

react native book
React Native for iOS development is a hands-on book helping you to develop native iOS apps with ease. React Native challenges the status quo of native iOS development by its revolutionary concepts like components, asynchronous execution, touch handling and many more. Eliminating the dependency to build native apps using cumbersome languages like Objective-C replacing them with a more ubiquitous option like JavaScript.
Publisher : Apress
Release Date : Feb 2016
Role: Author
Buy : Amazon

introduction to react Introduction to React teaches you React, the JavaScript framework created by developers at Facebook, to solve the problem of building complex user interfaces in a consistent and maintainable way.React.js shrugs away common front-end conventions in an effort to make things more efficient - use Introduction to React to learn about this framework and more today.
Publisher : Apress
Release Date : Sep 2015
Role: Technical Reviewer
Buy : Amazon

react native book RubyMotion iOS development Essentials Forget the complexity of developing iOS applications with Objective-C; with this hands-on guide you’ll soon be embracing the logic and versatility of RubyMotion. From installation to development to testing, all the essentials are here.
Publisher : PacktPub
Release Date : July 2013
Role: Author
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Talks / Interviews / Discussions (9)

React Native EU Panel Disucssion Panel Discussion at React Native EU conference with Eli White (Facebook), Quinlan Jung (Expo), Harry Tormey, Matt Hargett (PlayStation), Akshat Paul. On various topics related to React Native and mobilie development in general.
Conference : React Native EU
When : Sep 2018
More : Complete video on Youtube

React Native EU First community conference in Europe, focused exclusively on React Native. With the motto `Community, core contributors, insights, networking and tons of knowledge waits for you`. Spoke on the topic of Accessibility and how to easily implement it in your next RN application.
Conference : React Native EU, Wroclaw
When : Sep 2018
More : Complete video on Youtube

The DevTheory Conference TheDevTheory is a tech conference where the developer community can meet and hear from some of the most inspiring speakers in the technology industry. I gave a talk on Microservice, Containers and Kubernetes and how they are a perfect match for scalable apps.
Conference : The DevTheory, Gurgaon
When : April 2018
More : Pictures, After Movie

Invited Panalist Government of Rajasthan Festival of Education tweethon Invited panelist for Festival of Education initiative by Govt. of Rajasthan discussing Topic "Writing in Digital Age". Along with other panel members like Mahesh Murthy, Prasoon Joshi, Shakti Salgaonker, Shekhar Gupta and more.
Conference : Festival of Education, Gove. of Rajasthan
When : Aug 2017
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[email protected] In this talk I talk about the rise of micrtoservice architecture and why applications are moving towards this paradigmn. Next, how you can use this architecture with containers to make a scalable architecture.
Conference : [email protected], Amsterdam
When : July 2017
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Interview with Dr.Berg on Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting In this interaction with Dr.Berg I take you through my life altering journey into Keto Diet and IF. Learn how beneficial and easy it is to make this lifestyle change and become a better version of yourself.
When : June 2016
More : Complete interview on Youtube

KeyNote at CIO Matrix on Testing Strategies This talk focussed on how proper Testing strategy can save on budget and time. Practices like TDD helps in improving code quality, reduce time spent on rework and overall improves ability to identify errors and problems quicly.
Conference : KeyNote at CIO Matrix on TDD, BKK & KL
When : Oct 2013, Jan 2014
More : Slides

RubyConf India This talk explained how RubyMotion enables Ruby developers to build native mobile apps with ease focussing on iOS development. How to use its key features to rapidly develop native applications.
Conference : RubyConf India, Pune
When : June 2013
More : Complete video on Confreaks

Inspect RubyMotion Conference In this talk we explored CoreMotion Apple’s framework for motion sensors integration and how to use the core classes and APIs with RubyMotion.
Conference : RubyMotion Conference, Brussels
When : Mar 2013
More : Complete video on Vimeo


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